Recertification is designed to ensure CMCs continue to meet highest of standards throughout their careers and continue to confirm their continued competence.

CMCs must recertify every three years on the anniversary date of the month they were granted their CMC. They are required to maintain their own records of professional development on a yearly basis to track their progress and submit these records to the Certification Committee at the end of the 3rd years.

The point system is used to The Recertification Framework uses the point system to allocate points to four categories:

  • learning/education, 
  • consulting working experience, 
  • professional activities, and 
  • competencies in ethics.

Prior to the recertification deadline, CMCs must: 

  • Complete the CMC Recertification Reporting Form 
  • Reaffirm their yearly commitment to abide by the CMC® Code of Conduct
  • Attend an online course on ethics and submit proof of attendance or pass an open book exam on ethics
  • Submit this information to

All CMCs are required to comply with the contents of the Recertification Manual,  including paying the annual membership fee. We invite you also to see a 30-minutes interview with our Certification Committee Director about the Recertification manual, you can see it in youtube HERE