A member is eligible to receive the CMC designation upon successful completion of all requirements, as established by, and consistent with, CMC-GI’s defined standards.  Privileges include the ability to:

  • Use the designation “CMC” or “Certified Management Consultant”, as well as accompanying logos, as approved by CMC-GI or the national governing body, where applicable; and
  • Participate in all activities of CMC-GI, including applying to serve on the Board and its committees, subject to being duly appointed

CMC’s are required to fulfil all the following criteria in order to maintain their designation:

  • Be primarily engaged in the practice of Management Consulting;
  • Abide by the Code of Professional Conduct;
  • Comply with all bylaws of CMC-GI;
  • Comply with and be current in reporting all requirements for Continued Professional Development (CPD) activity and maintain a record of such, in accordance with applicable guidelines; and 
  • Be current on payment of all membership and other Fees, as established by CMC-GI.

CMC’s must be a member in good standing when transferring from one jurisdiction to another.  

CMC Certification Process
Those who wish to pursue attaining the CMC designation must meet the following criteria:

  • Experience: A minimum of three years of practical work experience in the field of management consulting;
  • Education: A recognized degree or professional qualification, or, in lieu of a degree, an additional five consecutive years of fulltime work as a management consultant;
  • Time commitment: Must demonstrate that management consulting has been a significant part of the candidate’s work activity.  Activities must be consistent with the definition of Management Consulting; and
  • Independence: Services must be provided with complete objectivity and independence, free of any conflict of interest.

The steps to pursue the CMC designation are summarized below.

Step 1: Apply for Membership in CMC-GI
Applying for membership in CMC-GI includes the following steps:

  • Complete membership application form as in word format Word, including signed adherence to CMC-GI’s Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Include a copy of current resume in the approved format, outlining educational and work experience. Candidates must demonstrate significant management consulting experience and competencies in at least the past three years.
  • Remit the annual membership Fee, pro-rated based on the month in which membership commences. 

Step 2: Apply for CMC Certification 
Apply for certification in the CMC designation program by providing proof of a completion of a recognized University degree program.  Equivalencies may be considered.

Step 3: Complete CMC Certification Exam
Completion of the CMC Certification Exam includes the following steps:

  • Preparation Instructions: Candidates are required to have at least three years of full-time management consulting work experience and to have been active as a management consultant over the immediate past 12 months.
  • Register for CMC Pathway: Once documents are in order and Fees are paid, candidates will normally be assigned a Mentor to complete their Engagement Summaries and guide them through the process.  Detailed preparation instructions are available by Contacting Us.
  • Provide Experience Declaration Form: Candidates must provide a signed declaration attesting to at least three years of management consulting experience, including the immediate past 12 months (will be verified by CMC-GI’s Registrar or designate).
  • Provide Engagement Summaries: Candidates must submit a minimum of three detailed written descriptions of consulting projects in which they have been involved. Please note that CMC-GI’s Registrar or designate reserves the right to request additional engagement summaries.  
  • Provide Client References: Candidates must provide at least two client references, based on the submitted engagement summaries.  As part of this process, completion of an online questionnaire that verifies the candidate’s consulting skills and competencies and adherence to ethical behaviour is required.  References are provided directly to CMC-GI and its Registrar or designate.  Additional client references may be requested.
  • Provide Client Deliverables: Candidates are advised to bring sample client deliverables to their Oral Assessment, based on one engagement summary and the client reference for the same project.  Please note that oral assessors sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the Assessment session. 
  • Complete Oral Assessment: Candidates are required to complete an Oral Assessment with questions based on the CMC competency framework and the written engagement summaries.  This process usually lasts approximately three hours in duration. 

Step 4: CMC Designation Documents Reviewed 
If approval is received, the CMC designation will be awarded.  Congratulations!
If the candidate is unsuccessful, recommendations will be provided to undertake the process again.  There is also an appeal process.

Step 5: Maintain CMC Designation
All CMCs are required to comply with the contents of the Recertification Manual, including providing yearly logs of professional development activities to the Registrar, including paying the annual membership Fee.

All CMCs are required to provide yearly logs of professional development activities. 

You can view a copy of CMC-GI’s Certification Manual HERE.