Congratulations on taking the next step in your management consulting career!

You’ve come to the right place! Becoming a member in CMC-Global Institute opens you up to a world of possibilities. Here is some information to get you started on your journey. 

CMC-GI Membership
If you would like to apply for membership into CMC-GI, you must have at least three years in the management consulting field/business, a degree or professional qualifications or five years of full-time management consulting work, an appreciation for the field of consulting, and willing to provide services with complete objectivity and independence. If you would like to apply for a student membership, you must be a current student in good standing at an accredited institution. All members must abide by the CMC-GI Code of Conduct.

Membership Types
Choose the membership type that fits your needs: student member, affiliate member, member, and certified member.  

§  A student member is offered to a full-time college or university student studying at an accredited institution who is interested in management consulting and supports the objectives of the Global Institute. Student members may continue at this level, providing they continue to be a student in good standing, or 12 months immediately following graduation, as long as they are not actively pursuing consulting clients. 

§  An affiliate member includes professionals who are frequent users of management consulting services and have a direct interest in advancing the professionalism of the field. This membership was developed for those who are not practicing management consultant personals who have not yet reached the professional membership criteria.

§    A member is any management consultant located in a country without a national IMC. Individuals in this category must be practicing management consultants and may intend to pursue the CMC designation, although this is not a requirement. They also must possess a degree from an accredited institution or professional qualifications and be an owner or employee of a firm in independent practice or internal consultant in an organization. 

§  A certified member is one who has earned the right to carry the Certified Management Consultant designation. They have completed all requirements: 

  • A minimum of three years in management consulting
  • Possess a recognized degree or professional qualification from an accredited institution or an additional five consecutive years in management consulting at progressively senior management levels.
  • Demonstrated in the last three years that management consulting has been a significant part of her or his work activity. This includes consulting with clients; managing and/or supporting consulting activity; preparing for and teaching consultancy; publishing and writing on consulting.
  • The owner or employee of a firm in independent practice, or internal consultant in an organization meeting specific independence criteria.
  • Successfully completed the CMC Certification process through CMC-Global Institute or through another IMC. CMC members are eligible to receive designation upon completing requirements established through standards set by ICMCI.

Other Membership Options
CMC-GI offers other member categories. Members may apply for the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) Emeritus status by contacting

CMC-GI Membership Benefits

 Membership Benefit CMC Member Affiliate Student
 Standard Membership Fee* €400 €300 €225 €120
 Use of CMC-GI logo * * * *
 Membership certificate *      
 Use of CMC Logo *      
 Website profile *      
 Post blogs and articles to CMC-GI website * *    
 Social Media announcement when CMC certification is attained *      
 Leadership Opportunities
 Board of Directors position * *    
 Board of Directors committee membership * * *  
 Mutual Support
 Vote on CMC-GI resolutions * *    
 Member-only events such as business networking * * * *
 Training discounts, such as ISO20700 Checklist training
LinkedIn group
* * *  
 Access to member-only resources * *    
 Access to search member profiles * * *  


* CMC-GI has a stratified fee structure, established based on the purchasing power parity gross national income per capita for each country using the World Bank data

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