A full member is eligible to receive the CMC designation upon successful completion of all requirements, as established by, and consistent with, CMC-GI’s defined standards.  Privileges include the ability to:

  • Use the designation “CMC” or “Certified Management Consultant”, as well as accompanying logos, as approved by CMC-GI or the national governing body, where applicable; and
  • Participate in all activities of CMC-GI, including applying to serve on the Board and its committees subject to being duly appointed

CMC’s are required to fulfil all the following criteria in order to maintain their designation:

  • Be primarily engaged in the practice of Management Consulting;
  • Abide by the Code of Professional Conduct;
  • Comply with all bylaws of CMC-GI;
  • Comply with and be current in reporting all requirements for recertification and continued professional development activity; and 
  • Be current on payment of all fees as established by CMC-GI.

CMC’s must be a member in good standing when transferring from one jurisdiction to another.