Those who wish to pursue attaining the CMC designation must meet the following criteria:

  • Experience: A minimum of three years of practical work experience in the field of management consulting and to have been active as a management consultant over the  past 12 months;
  • Education: A recognized degree or professional qualification, or, in lieu of a degree, an additional five consecutive years of fulltime work as a management consultant;
  • Time commitment: Must demonstrate that management consulting has been a significant part of the candidate’s work activity and must be consistent with the definition of Management Consulting; and
  • Independence: Services must be provided with complete objectivity and independence, free of any conflict of interest.

The steps to pursue the CMC designation are summarized below. For further details, click HERE to access the Certification Program Manual.

Step 1: Apply for Certification
To apply for the CMC certification, you must complete and submit the following required forms:

  • Complete the CMC Application Form. Click HERE to access the form.
  • Engagement Summaries Form: Candidates must complete and submit a minimum of three written Engagement Summaries along with the application form.

Step 2: Application Assessment
The Certification Committee will assess the applications submitted by candidates to determine their accuracy and adequacy and fulfillment of the certification requirements to specifically ensure that:

  • The number of consulting hours per year is not less than 1200 hours
  • Engagement summaries are comprehensive and follow the KUBR model 
  • The certification application has been filled out correctly and the declaration signed

If all the submitted information is acceptable, the Certification Committee will contact the clients and ask them to fill out an online questionnaire that independently confirms the candidate’s consulting skills and competencies.

Step 3: Oral Assessment
Once the client references are received by CMC-GI, two qualified assessors will conduct the oral assessment. Assessors will ask candidates to demonstrate their competence relative to the Competency Framework and their Engagement Summaries (where applicable).

Step 4: CMC Designation Success and Award
Once the candidate passes the oral assessment, the Chair of the Certification Committee will send an email to the candidate to:

  • Congratulate the candidate  for being awarded the designation of CMC
  • Inform the candidate to start using the designation