Why Earn the CMC Designation?
In a profession with few objective benchmarks, there is only one proven credential: the Certified Management Consultant designation. Those who earn the right to call themselves a CMC have attained the aspiration of others - a higher level of management consulting. CMC’s who are members of CMC-GI can increase their value as a professional, expand their network, and showcase their expertise to both clients and prospects.

Benefits include: 

  • Global Recognition. The skills that a consultant develops in the process of attaining their CMC designation are applicable in all aspects of the management consulting profession, all around the world. The CMC designation is recognized as a global credential in all countries that comprise CMC Global, providing an important edge and access to securing consulting opportunities, on both a local and international level. 
  • Demonstrated Professionalism. The CMC designation signifies peer accreditation and is recognized both nationally and internationally. The opportunity to continue developing professional skills and willingness to adhere to a Code of Professional Conduct demonstrate commitment to the Profession. 
  • A Powerful Network. Extending capability and reach by building relationships and business partnerships, the CMC designation provides access to a network of qualified peers, to test ideas, share approaches, and enhance expertise. CMC’s have the opportunity to contribute to the Profession by mentoring others, as well as to grow professionally by way of access to insights from consultants who have “been there and done that”. 

Benefits extend from CMC’s to their clients, including:

  • Access to more valuable advice, based on a CMC’s broad industry knowledge and proximity to a range of best practices from CMC-GI;
  • Integrity, transparency, and accountability through a CMC’s adherence to the Code of Professional Conduct;
  • Access to a network of people and expertise beyond that of an individual CMC, if needed;
  • The confidence of working with a consultant who has both certified credentials and a strong business reputation; and 
  • Assurance that they are getting the best value for their consulting dollars.